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Facebook Zapier Automate Posts on website

I’m setting up automated facebook posts on my website using Zapier and Collections. The system is working correctly and displaying fine but the only issue is that the posts when created sit in the collection with the “staged for publish” status.

Does anyone know if there is a way to override this so that posts are automatically published?

@doodlefish007 yes, there’s a trigger that will publish your posts. At least, I’ve seen that done with a google sheet and form submissions, not with facebook yet. Look at the zap you used, is that ‘publish new item’ or ‘create new item’? I don’t know the exact wording off the top of my head but that’s the general idea. One creates a new item, in case it’s something you want to review before it’s live, the other publishes it directly.

Thank Sarafrison

You are right - in Zapier there are 2 options - one to create an item in webflow and one to create a LIVE item in webflow. I’ve switched it over and its working fine now.

@doodlefish007 yay, glad it worked out! Sometimes you really need to check everything several times before you figure out why your zap didn’t work.