Facebook Pixel active, but not detecting activity?

Hello, I have recently installed a Facebook Pixel on my site. I followed the steps on my Business Manager and installed the code manually into the custom code section of the Webflow settings for my site. I also added the Pixel ID to the integrations section. On the Facebook dashboard, I see that my pixel is apparently ‘active’, but yet it doesn’t pick up any activity on my site. From what I understand, the only event it is tracking at the moment, are page views, so I don’t understand what the problem can be. Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you

I’m having similar difficulties. One thing you might want to try is removing the Pixel ID from your integrations section since you have already installed it in custom code. This would result in duplication of the code, and various guides I’ve read have said to avoid this.

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Hi @JPW, thank you for that. In end I actually just removed the Pixel from both the integration section and the header code and created a new one from scratch. I just used the integration section for this one, and it’s working fine now.