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Facebook Login Feature

Hey Guys! I am trying to add a facebook login feature to my webflow website. Came across this article in the forum, but it’s confusing to me. It’s true I have no knowledge of PHP nor Javascript, yet here I am trying…
I found a tutorial on youtube and I copied the code and changed the AppID text to my AppID. Added the code to a new page I created and it doesn’t seem to be working, not even the button appears.

Maybe I wrote some wrong codes?
Maybe I am not pasting the codes in the correct fields? I don`t know if I should paste it directly to the body, or to the settings of that page.
Is there any other step I should be doing before this?

here are some prints of the current situation:

Many thanks,

Hey @Waldo, would love to get some help with this…

uptade oct/1: anyone?

Hi @Denis_Sanches, there is some custom code errors right now, could you please paste the complete header code you are using, and also paste the html embed code?

In the HTML embed, do not use the <BODY> tag. I would also put the code you have in the header, into the Footer code panel.

Republish the site, then share the published url again, and I am happy to take a look at the errors to see if they go away.

Thanks in advance!

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