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Adding Facebook

I have spent several hours reading various Forum posts regarding the adding of Facebook to a Webflow site. I am trying to add recent posts, that automatically update from Facebook. I have tried many and have had some luck, but I am trying to accomplish two things. I have noticed that some of the Facebook Forum comments say to place part of needed code in the Custom Code section and some in the embed widget, while others say to put all code in the embed widget.

First, the client would like their most recent post …and only their most recent post to display on a page. They do not want a list of posts, they only want the newest one, and a photo if any is in the post.

The second is a small presence on their Home Page, roughly 200 wide x 250 high, which would have some basic word text from a most recent post, along with the typical items relating to Facebook number of Likes, etc.


i tried Facebook embed post. I tried and its working Link:

Drop 2nd section of Facebook embed code widget into row element and then add first section of Facebook code before < / body>.

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