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Facebook like button for specific CMS posts

I am trying to add a Facebook like button to a CMS template so that a visitor can like that specific post. I am aware of the facebook plugins Webflow offers but that only allows a certain URL entered manually.

Wondering if this is possible? Looked into AddThis but they seem to only have follow/like page buttons and share buttons.

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Hello @ksaunders

Can you share more details of your project please?

Also I would want to understand how people can like a Facebook post in Webflow? or, liking a Webflow post on Facebook?

Clients website. Here is an example of post they are looking to add this too.

On the left there is the AddThis widget so visitors can share the post, but they are looking to add the like button.

Essentially this plugin here:

But looking to add it to a CMS template that can grab url for each post.

Ok, this is fairly simple although a little bit time consuming. I’ll make a small tutorial on how to implement this. Once I have it I’ll post it here.

In the meantime you can take a look at this:

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Hello @ksaunders !

As I understand, you want to add one specific Facebook post to your website page. If I am right, I recommend you to try out using this plugin: (there is an online demo on the page, check it). This is a multifunctional plugin, allowing you to show photos (one or several, or the whole FB page), albums, videos, events and other. It also gives you full control over the each element.

I hope I understood you correctly and the answer will be useful for you.

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