Extra margin space when publishing

Hey all!,
When I was working on my website during the preview everything seems to be aligned and fits into my display with no issues on the layout. However, when I published this specific page, there seems to be a margin on the left hand side causing extra space with a scroll bar now giving users the option to scroll left and right. How do I get rid of this extra space so everything fits again?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Matthew!

Thanks for including your read-only link!

I can’t see this on my end. Could you send some screenshots of what you’re seeing?

Hey Jonohale, thanks for replying! For sure I can send some screenshots.

Not sure if its me but this is what it looks like on my desktop when I published the page. But during site previews while I was working on it, this extra margin space didnt show up.