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Link href not respected in export?


since few days i create a link with /contacts in a page as external link in the designer for exemple, when i export my code i have href=“contacts.html” in the html ?

an idear ?


Without “http:” ? Or what is wrong?


in the designer is set this

in the html i have href=“contacts.html”


I guess it because “/contact” will not work on the external server.

with express / koa etc it works all my other links of the same menu are like this and i don t have this problem… only on the contacts link… don t know why

Did you publish the exported site? If yes, may we see the link?

link is ok in the published website

I meant exported site, published on the external server. You said that other links on the same menu shows differently.

oh sorry

yeah look without changing my exported code

as you can see in the topand bottom nav menu all liks works but contact … pointing to .html

Hmmm… yes, now I can see. I really never paid attention tho this details. I tried to export one of my current projects and I got the same result as you with all menu links. And on the local machine they works fine.

Will hope that @PixelGeek or @cyberdave can explain the situation better.

yeah strange since other links works normally Oo :slight_smile:

cgv and contacts pages are the lastest i added few days ago (today for cgv) and both have the problem not older pages/links maybe a change in last few days made this bug…

thanks for your help

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