Express Checkout

Is it possible to bypass the shopping cart and instead take customers straight to a checkout page after clicking something like ‘buy now’ or ‘purchase’ on a product?

… I have been looking into this and from what I can tell ‘add to cart’ is a necessity when purchasing via Webflow eCommerce.

Works well for numerous products but when offering/purchasing one or two items it just adds another step in the process for the customer that could be avoided.

I think you’re right.

However, Webflow ecommerce is very suitable for small shops where a unique product or service can be sold. So it makes sense to want to go straight to purchase and skip the Cart. And it’s going — in some case — to be even more true when they bring the digital and downloadable products.

You can vote for this idea: Express checkout — One click purchase, skipping the | Webflow Wishlist

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@vincent Voted. Thanks. If I figure out anything in the mean time I will post back here.

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