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Single Click Purchase (No Add to Cart)

Hi guys,

Looking to use Webflow to sell a certification. That means quantity and shipping is useless. I want a sales page (landing page) and then straight into a checkout/order form.

Can this be done?


It’s my understanding that amazon has a patent on “one click purchase”. so removing one of those steps might infringe on their patent.

I’m still not familiar enough with e-commerce to help with this though. sorry.

That doesn’t really make sense. It’s just skipping add to cart. Clickfunnels is a good way to think about this.

Thanks for your response though!

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Hi @expozeur.
Foxy integrates seamlessly with Webflow and allows you to skip the cart and go straight to checkout. More info about our integration can be found here:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, need help getting started, or would like to see specific examples.


Hi Brandon,

At the moment there isnt a shortcut to skip Add to Cart. You will still need to add the item to a cart, then follow the checkout procedure. You can eliminate the need for shipping by just creating a free shipping option, but that info will still need to be entered. At this time I havent seen a workaround for this other than the FREE shipping option.

However, with the Add to Cart button this can be added to the individual items you are selling without having to go to the details page to add the item to the cart.

Hope I have answered your question?