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Exported code not triggering animations

I have this one project that I would like to export and turn into a react application, however, when I try to convert it into a react application I do not see the animations working. It is strange because they work before I turn it into a react application(right after I export the code from webflow), it is just when I turn it into a react application. I have checked that I am doing this right and it seems that I am because all the other content is there as well as the styling, it is only when I scroll that the animation does not trigger the opacity and translation of a font. The animation seems to work when I click on the navbar, however, the only animation trigger that is not working is the scroll-based one.

I am aware of other people posting this same exact problem, but none of them got their solutions fixed. I am hoping this one will get an answer.

Here is my public share link: