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Webflow integration with React

I am trying to make a website using webflow, and when I try to export my code it works in the project folder that I downloaded from webflow. However, when I created a react app (create-react-app) and copied the styles, js, fonts, images folders into the public folder and copy the HTML into a react component, the content is there but not the animations. One of my animations is that when you scroll down the page some text will appear. I have searched on the webflow forums and several people had this problem too but haven’t gotten an answer to fix the problem.

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webflow has a special id on the tag. You need to copy that into the index.html file in the public folder.

Note: I have tried this myself and it has worked. However, multiple pages in your webflow project may have animations and I have not yet looked into finding a way to make multiple webflow pages work with react

Also you can check out my post I made about this Using React with Exported Code Causes problems