Exported Code – no src for images

Hi guys,
I just exported the code and it all works well.
I only have an issue that none of the pictures have a src in the html file.
Only "ata-w-id=“a73ce9dd-991e-8fa3-9b87-9567926b9907” attributes. How can I include the regular src attribut and what is ata-w-id for? Where are the images loaded in the html code?

Thanks for your help!

Actually the attribute is “data-w-id” which usually is created when you don’t bind a animation to a class. Webflow needs something to hook to. This is it. You could find references to that in CSS/JS.

Please provide a link to your published URL so that source can be inspected, or use your browser developer tools to answer the question yourself.

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Hi @webdev,
thanks for your answer. I haven’t published the site since I couldn’t get the pictures working. I want to implement the code in another html document, that’s why I need to link the images to server images.

Here is a read only link of the project in webfow if that helps:


Background image references are in CSS. Use browser developer tools to inspect against your staging site.


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perfect- thanks so much!

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