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Lazy Load - 'data-original attribute' input

I’m playing around with the ‘lazy load’ plugin and am lost on the correct input for the ‘data-original attribute’ input …(my site is hosted with Webflow)

I haven’t done this myself but go to the settings panel of the image add a custom attribute past the “data-original” into the name filed and the image url into the value, with not quotes.

To get the url right click the image in your designer and click copy url. Past this into the value field.

If you are using a webflow sub-domain the url will look something like this;

If you are using a custom domain the url should look something like this.

Now I don’t know if it is going to matter that the image will still be referenced with scr="imagesource" I imagine that it might be a problem.

Here is a tutorial in Tips & Tricks that bartekkustra wrote that uses an alternative class based targeting method. I have not tried it myself.

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