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Exported code issues, please help


Everything works fine until I export the code and publish it on custom domain.
I have 2 problems, with the exported site.

1. Map does not show up on the custom domain wheras it does on the webflow domain.

Map working on webflow preview:

But when the code is exported to custom domain, the map doesn’t appear at all.

You can see the codes here, the section is the last one before the footer.

Exported site page: ČtyřkolkyČK - Prodejna (not working)
Webflow preview page: ČtyřkolkyČK - Prodejna (working)

  1. Testimonial slider doesn’t slide on exported site.
    The arrows which should move the slider don’t work on exported site, but work fine on the site hosted by Webflow.

Here is the slider that doesn’t slide when the arrow is clicked on the custom domain

You can see the codes here, just scroll down…

Exported site page: (not working)
Webflow preview page: (working)

Thank you for any advice, I am really getting frustrated with that. It seems that Webflow promises something on what they can not deliver. There are always 15515225 bugs when you try to host the site elsewhere.

Both work for me on MS Edge and Chome (current releases). Anytime you are having a rendering issue you need to share the OS / Browser + Version so others could spin up a potential match and test.

You really should be serving that site via HTTPS.

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