Exported CMS doesn't include Embeds which are in Rich text

Hey there, I’ve just exported a collection to transfer from an old project to a new one and none of my items have actually copied over embeds which were located within the rich text.

Is this standard Webflow behaviour or is this a bug? Haven’t really noticed that in the past so I’m not sure where else to post.

Any info is appreciated.

(Due to NDA of project I’m not allowed to share preview links)

Only a few people really encounter this need in their project setups, so you may not get a lot of replies- but IIRC there are several forum threads on this topic. I think that this problem surfaced suddenly about 18 months ago and Webflow acknowledged it as a change.

I’d search the forum to see if you can find those threads for additional detail and then contact support to get details on where that’s at.