Font color changed to white on site export due to inheriting color from global Body selector style

Hello i have my font color in webflow and when i export it and upload it the color is white which it shouldn;t be. i am attaching three screen short one of the designer and the other two from the web, one is white so you cant see the text and the other is when you double click on the text and that is when you realize that there is some text. can anyone please explain this to me! i am sending you my public link as well the pages with the problem are the first 24.
@cyberdave is this a bug???

Here is my public share link:
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What is your exported site URL? Cannot repro the problem based on screenshots alone.

Looks okay on my end.

Hi @athina_tzan thank you so much for reaching out!

It looks like you have a style set on your Body element which has all text set to white which could be causing the issue. Typically the style which you set on your text should override the style which you have on the Body tag but it looks like it’s inheriting that text color on your side (I have not been able to reproduce this behavior on my end)

If you remove that style on the Global Body tag and re-export your site the issue should be resolved.

Please let me know if this helps or if you have any additional questions I’m here to help further. :smiley:

Thank You very much for your time!! Yes it seems to be working now!!

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