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Export partial project or export just one page or one symbol

Would be wonderful if in the export button you can select wich pages you want to export, for example i would like export just Home or Contact.
Also would be wonderful is you can export or preview in the preview panel the HTML and CSS generated just for selected element or a selected simbol, or just the current Page.

Now, i just want to copy the HTML from “Contact Page” but it preview and export all the website, this is annoying.


You can duplicate your site and delete everything else except the contact page and clean up your styles. Then when you export you will only have the single page and css files but I’m not sure this will help you anyway. If you only want the html, that will probably never be an option with webflow because webflow has default css stiles that are always exported. I suggest just export it, open the html file you want in sublime text and you’ll have all the html you need. This only takes a few seconds honestly.

This question/request is exactly what I was about to post— there are always workarounds (export all and delete, or duplicate the site and delete) but workarounds are like duct tape: a hack fix to a problem that should be solved upstream. I would love to be able to archive versions of pages without bloating my site export: a big site might have dozens of archival pages, or pages not ready to go live. Having a page setting that defaults to “Include in Export” but allows the user to Uncheck would work great for me.


Yes, please add a feature to export only selected pages from the Webflow site.

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