Export CMS site with data

Is it possible to export a CMS site and include it’s data? I’m just looking for basic protection for my clients. I could stick the whole thing on an Amazon S3 bucket if need be.

Hi @JimW That is a good question.

At this time you cannot export CMS data with our exporting feature. However, by using our CMS API, you can pull down the data as JSON.

For more information on this, please refer to our CMS API documentation:

Thanks, is there any sample code that uses these APIs to extract and store the JSON and also any sample code that could be used on the client side that could integrate with the webflow.js code, to consume that locally stored JSON?

I’m not a developer but there are code examples of that site I gave you a link to. Here is one example:

hope this helps :slight_smile:

OK Thanks, I’ll poke around on github.

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Possible to export content via the Webflow API. If you are not a programmer or not sure how it works, you can use this tool:

Webflow API Tester: CMS Data Viewer / Export

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Link seems dead right now. I want to export my webflow site as is and be able to have the site pull it’s data from some static predefined json files instead of the CMS. I have not dug into the webflow.js recently, but it would be nice if that could evolve for this purpose. Just the same one-click export giving you a working static site.

In general the CMS feature would be much more appealing if it were both cheaper and had this type of export built in. I’d imagine all kinds of uses and integrations with the CMS if it were more open with it’s data export.

Otherwise, it’s hard to justify the extra cost of the CMS + the cost of being locked in technically. Say they want to stop using webflow… What are they left with, with an exported site that is coded only to work with the CMS’'s live data.

Yeah, it was up only for a weekend because the public app violates the Terms of Service. Sorry!

You can still hire me to do it for you http://webflowexpert.com