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Export and paste custom code in ClickFunnel

After some search and a post I did not find any answer at my topic on Webflow forum, so that I why I’m posting it there.
Here is my problem: I got a customer who want me to export the code of the navbar to paste it on a webpage ClickFunnel.
So I got multiple questions about that:

  1. Is it possible to get only the code of the navbar and to paste it so it will perfectly look the same?

  2. Does someones had always did this? (a copy/paste of an element in code between Webflow & ClickFunnel?

  3. Is it possible to get the code export of the navbar, to take only the Lite Plan for one month, to get the code, and then to stop the plan? And will it keep working after my 1 month Lite Plan will have ended?
    Thanks a lot for all your time.
    Have all a nice day.

PS: on the pictures, you’ll see the interface available in ClickFunnels. As I’ve very few knowledge in coding I told myself maybe with these elements someone could tell me if it will be ok to copy/paste my code in the ClickFunnel interface.

Capture d’écran 2020-11-03 à 17.33.27

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Hey Paul.

Were you able to successfuly export the custom code to clickfunnels?

I am building landing pages on webflow for my work. And the marketing agency suggests clickfunnels.

What would you suggest?

Hey Karan,

I did not achieve to do this as no one helped me about it.
If you find a solution I would be pleased if you can share it with me!

Thanks by advance for your time,