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Is it possible to implement bespoke code into Webflow?


I am very new to Webflow and I was wondering if it is possible to add code to my project? There are two reasons I would like to do this:

1 - I want to give my Webflow project a more modern aesthetic
2 - I am slowing learning a little code and I feel this would be great practice to add code to my site and try to understand the code through my learning

I have recently come across this site where I have found a particular effect I’d like to add to my site as here:

It creates like a slight glitchy effect on hover which I like!

Is there a way to add this code to my site? If so, please can you help/show me how.

Many thanks in advance.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Of course you can, but you will need a website plan or an account plan.

Hi Luca, many thanks for your input.

OK sure, my aim will be to later build an ecommerce site but for now, whilst I learn more about how to use Webflow, is it OK to just add a basic Site plan or do I need to go for a standard Ecommerce plan?

If your goal is just to be able to work with code then a basic plan is enough but you could also consider an account plan.

Yes it is slightly more expensive ($24 vs $16 for the monthly subscription) but you will be able to manage ten project which is very useful if you want to clone projects from the showcase and export the code. If you don’t need these things, then go for the basic site plan.

That’s very kind Luca I’ll review this and upgrade accordingly!

Can you help me after to understand how to add the code please?

Many thanks



There are two well-made Webflow tutorials on the topic:

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Hi Luca thanks again for your response,

So I took a look at the price plans for Webflow and I’m a little confused. I understand as you suggested that I can have an individual account plan (Lite billed at $24pmonth) which allows me to manage up to 10 projects and export code etc.

But what if I needed to have an Ecommerce site, does the Standard plan ($42pmonth) also allow me to export code and clone projects?

Sorry for the bother, I just want to get this correct before I upgrade today.
Many thanks,


No, with a site plan, you can’t export the code and you will have only two spots to clone projects.

With the site plan, the only benefits that you get are hosting, custom code, 100 static pages and, depending on the plan, a X number of items for the CMS.

Thanks so much Luca!!

That really helps. I think I’ll jump onboard the account plan (Lite monthly) to start. I guess I can always switch to the site plan Ecommerce once my site is near complete and I am happy with my customisations.

Many thanks again!

I’m really looking forward to exploring my original quest here to start implementing the sticky image code effect!!! Kinda nervous, but I hope I’ll get it right!!!

Thanks again for your kind support.

Hello Luca, I managed to upgrade to the Lite Plan!!

I’ve also take a close look at the Webflow tutorials on custom code and I have downloaded the source files for the Sticky Image effect however, I’m still not exactly sure how or what to upload? Forgive me, I really don’t know anything about code and perhaps it’s a little daunting for me right now.

But looking into the source file folders (snapshot attached), I just don’t know what I’m supposed to upload? Please can you help me further perhaps a breakdown step-by-step?

Many thanks in advance,