Expanding element - but making lower sections move as transitions also

So, I have included an expanding element using the new interactions workflow (i.e. using scale + transform origin etc), as guided by this:

But, I can’t get the lower elements to sort of move down as the target element expands, as happens in an older interaction model (apparently), such as this:


If you click on my example and preview you can see the element expand, but rather than the lower elements moving down as it expands, they jump out to the eventual position they will be in, sort of ruining the expansion effect etc.

Any ideas? Thanks for tips.

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/base2-dashboard?preview=664d54019dcb80aa689b2f3083a99f4e

Check it out and it looks fine in my browser… not sure if you’ve fixed it.

No, the lower elements just jump down, rather than slide / expand down. Any thoughts?

Which page are the elements on?

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