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Expand and scroll to the button of content when they click?

Hi everyone

I have one content is hide and shoe, when I click it, content shows up, and I want to also link to the last paragraph(or element also) here’s what I try

I use interaction to make the content load on hiding and click to show, which is working, but I want to scroll down to last paragraph of my hidden content(but it’s expanded state) so I use link block on click content.
It won’t work when they expand to go to the button, or it will go to the button page, but hidden content now shows up.

I even try the move function on interaction, still not working.

Does anyone have the idea can the content expand and scroll to the button of element when they click?

here’s the link I try:

Big thanks!

It’s kind of hard to understand what you’re trying to do. Can you find an example site online that does what you want? It will be easier for others to view the desired action. Check Webflow features page for other actions as well.

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