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Example exported site?

To help me decide if I would like to move up to a paid plan, it would be great if there was some way to see an exported site example. I would use this service exclusively to create responsive templates, so the quality and usefulness of the exported code is paramount. Currently, it appears to me there is no way to do this. I can’t export my first test site without upgrading to a paid plan. I don’t even need to see my own site, just a sample download from one of the starter templates would be fine. I did look at the source code for the preview of some of the templates, and I assume what you get when you export would be closely related to what I can see there. But the way the files are structured would be nice to see as well.

Thanks! Very cool set of tools here! The UI is pretty amazing.

Hi @ncross! Are you saying you aren’t able to export your site? Create a new site, then in the left panel click on < > icon and select Prepare Full Site Zip. It will prepare the zip file then you can click Download. We break the code down into you CSS file, our bootstrap 3 scaffolding file, and images.

Yup, thanks! I spoke to soon. I was doing it wrong. This is perfect.