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Every element appearing on top of navbar despite z-index changes


Ever since implementing particles.js on my Webflow project, everything in the project appears over top of the navbar when scrolling. I have tried changing the z-index of the navbar and other elements but nothing works. Any ideas?


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Hey there!

It appears that your Navbar is being housed in a div block called “Div Block 104.” This specific Div has a z-index of “auto.” By changing the z-index of this element to be something higher than the other sections, you should be able to correct the issue.

Let me know if this works! :slight_smile:

Hi Tyler.

Thanks for the reply! Changing the z-index on the div did work. However, I would ideally not want to have to house my navbar in anything (I had done that to try to get rid of the issue) and when I remove the Div Block 104, the issue comes right back. I can’t seem to figure out why simply having my navbar z-index at 3000 does nothing.

Read Only: Webflow - Copy of Jeremy M's Beautiful Project

I seem to have fixed it by changing z-index on mobile screens. Thanks!

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