Error pop up when opening website on designer/editor mode

Hey there! Since yesterday every time I try to open my website to edit it, a pop up appears after loading with title “Something went wrong”.
I already selected to “Send” the form, but nothing has happened so far. Have this every happen to you? If yes, any idea how to fix it without having to wait for support?
Many thanks!

There are many reasons this could be happening.

Issue with your browser

Steps to diagnose client issues;

  • Test that you can get to other resources on the Internet with no apparent issues.
  • Check to see if there are any outages or open issues.
  • Make sure you are using a supported browser / OS
  • Try using the incognito / private browsing option with no active extensions enabled.
  • Close all other browser tabs and only have one window open to the designer.

Issue with Webflow services

Issues with the Webflow designer / or edit application can only be addressed by Webflow itself. So you would need open a trouble ticket and wait.