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Enabling Web Payments (Apple Pay) means I cannot add products to my cart **UPDATE W/ FIX + BUG REPORT**


After I enable Web Payments on my ecomm site, when I click ‘Add to Cart’ on my product page the cart appears but it has an error – “Product is not available in this quantity.”

  • I don’t have Inventory turned on.
  • Error goes away after I turn Web Payments off
  • When I turn it off, there are multiple products now in the cart, presumably added when I was clicking ‘Add to Cart’ and getting an error.

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Please let me know any questions!

**** UPDATED ****

So I have worked out now what the problem is, there may be a small bug in the system you guys might want to fix.

The problem appears to be because I moved a product to draft and then published the website. I think that particular product was in my cart previously (before I had published the latest version) so when I added new product to the cart, with Web Payment enabled it wouldn’t add (as per problem originally mentioned) or with Web Payments disabled, there would be a ghost product in the cart, without any product information and just the remove button.

Clearing my cache fixed everything.

Hi James, when you solve your own issue, please reply to your original post with the solution, that way your reply can be marked as the solution.

Glad you resolved your issue.

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