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Embedding Youtube video channel or playlist


My name is Ulf, and I am from Denmark. I am brand new to web flow, I have been using Adobe Muse until now, but it is being discontinued.

One of the things I used a lot in Muse, was a widget to display all videoes on either a whole youtube account or just a playlist.

Does anybody know if this is a function that can be put into a web flow site as well?



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Hello @UlfLaursen, welcome to Webflow and the forums!

This is actually achievable easily in Webflow. Go to the Add Panel and bring in a video element into the canvas. Then simply paste in the url to the channel, playlist, or individual video. For channels specifically, it seems to pull in the latest 100 video if there are more. You can style the video element in the canvas just like a div element.


Here’s more info about using the video element.

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:


My pleasure and happy designing!

This doesnt seem to work with a youtube channel, is there a way to embed the entire channel using the webflow video element? or do i have to use a third party?

when i try to use the webflow video element, it tells me that the link type is invalid

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Hi, @UlfLaursen and @mikeschreiber !

I would recommend you to try out this YouTube widget. It might be very convenient for both of you: it allows you to create colorful galleries, show videos and set video channels on your website. Also it is adjusted for all screen resolutions and will look perfect on any device!

It takes only a couple of minutes to install and configure. Here’s the detailed guide (+ installation video tutorial).

I hope this solution will be right for you!

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