How to embed or link Youtube videos into a Slider element

Hello, is there a way to embed a Youtube video into a slider element to clean up the UX/UI?

Currently I’m using a widget from another platform to create a video slider, but I was wondering if I could add YouTube URLs to the Webflow slider element?

Thank you kindly in advance.

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please use this and add it to the slider and just set the URL of your YouTube video.

@Dawood_Hassan - the mask prevents me to adding an element to the slider.


please add into the slide.

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Thank you! This works so perfectly!

I have my Youtube videos embedded into my slider successfully, using Webflow YouTube widgets inside my slides.

Problem is that the videos overflow the slider frame vertically, so they plays fine, but I cannot see the full video frame. This is especially bad for a video that is in portrait aspect ratio.

How can I make the video component load so it scales to fit into the frame?

It might be harder because my video sources include normal YouTube video and YouTube Shorts video, which I managed to make appear by customing the URL, so I have some video in landscape aspect ratio, and some in portrait aspect ratio.

Ideally, I want them all to load into a slider that does not change height, but each video should scale to fit the vertical height of my Webflow slider, and leave space on either side to accommodate.

Is there a way to achieve that?

Hey Richard,

This is the exact problem I had. I didn’t find a solution other than changing my design to only show one video instead of a slider.

You can try

  1. Common Ninja’s video slider widget. Video Carousel integration for Webflow - Free & Easy to Use
    My result: I had the same problem with the video still not fitting in the frame.
  2. Vidzflow
    My result: I haven’t used them, but building a video carousel might be something the team would be open to from a customer request.

Let me know how it goes for you!