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Page very slowly loading

A bit of help and advice.
I have a very simple page with 50+ video mainly YT and Vimeo links.
It has become very slow to load.

Any recommendations on how to make load faster.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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In short: what happens is normal, you need to use API and custom code to solve it.

When you have more than a handful of videos, having so many video players in a page is a huge load, because they’re complex and eat a lot of memory and power. That’s always have been the case and even with today’s powerful computers, it’s still the case.

And there are induced other issues, such as having several videos playing at the same time because playing a new one doesn’t stop the previous one.

So for this case, and wether it’s YT or Vimeo videos, you have to use the respective APIs of the services. It means handling custom code.

When you’re using the APIs, there’s only one player engine loaded in the page, at all times, even if visually it changes nothing, you still under the impression that you have many players in the page. You also solve the other issues by defining the behavior of a player instance when another one is activated (e.g. player stops, pause, is replaced etc…)

Dealing with APIs is easy for a developer (so it’s quick, and inexpensive), not so easy for a Designer, however not impossible. (And Vimeo’s API is easier than YT API.).

There’s countless examples and helpers if you google them.


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Did you have any luck solving this?

I’m having the same problem and videos with vimeo are basically unusable at the moment.

I have spent days setting up a CMS with vimeo urls only to find now videos are taking 40 seconds to load.

How is that possible? I could manually copy from a text editor into a page and be playing it way faster than this.

Appreciate the API comment but thats greek to me.