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Embedding images and storing them elsewhere

I’m making a webshop within webflow that once it’s done gets converted to a shopify theme using udesly. The site features a lot of images and the export file size is getting pretty big (192mb of mostly images).

Now, the problem is that shopify doesn’t allow themes above 50mb. How do I solve this issue?

I’ve already talked to shopify support, they couldn’t help me.
And I can’t switch to webflow ecommerce as there are certain features shopify has that Webflow ecommerce doesn’t.

I was thinking of embedding the images on my site and storing them elsewhere so that the images don’t have to be in the theme file itself, the theme file just references it.

Does anyone know how to do this properly? Other ideas are welcome as well.


You could use HTML embeds to accomplish this pretty easily.

That’s what I was thinking of just now, but would I keep the ability to style the background image within webflow?

If used strictly as Webflow implements background images, no.

But setting any element as a “background” element is as simple as position:absolute; height:100%; width:100%; z-index:-1;

Just make sure that the parent element is set to position:relative;