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Embedded Code in the “Submission Guideline” page

In deciding to grab help for my active freelancer ‘status’ in either the Pro or Lite Account plans, what does it mean that “No custom code in embeds” is allowed? Can I ensure cutting and pasting, but not altering, embed code in a submitted template is allowed.

As I see it, Embeds are offered on an Account Tier. I plan on creating templates with (un-altered by me) embed code to the extent allowed by webflow dynamic embeds feature.

If there is no issue here, I would gladly grab a Lite or Pro Plan Account and get to producing templates with confidence.

Also tagging @PixelGeek (Nelson) b/c after having searched recent unrelated guideline questions - thought it might expedite response.

Thanks for your reply!

Hey there,

I’ve been using Lite and Pro accounts for a while now and almost every project I’ve worked on has had embedded code in it. If I understood your question right, you’re worried about whether or not you’d be allowed to use embedded code in a paid Webflow plan? The answer is yes, you can.

Webflow has several different ways allowing you to embed code into your project.

  1. Embed it into your project settings. The code you paste here is applied to every single page on your project.

  2. Embed it into your page settings. The code you paste here is applied only to a particular page.

  3. Drag and dropping an embed into one of your divs or sections inside a page.

All of these can be done without any restrictions and you can even alter your custom code if need be. Hope this information helps. If I got your question wrong feel free to ask again and I’ll try my best to help out.




Every bit helps. I know I tend to look at these problems a little rigidly from time to time, so I appreciate the freelancer-focused perspective. Overall, I think I am becoming impressed with the detail of the submission guidelines.