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Embedding Codes


Since I am in the process of building my website in Webflow, I was wondering if there is really no possible way to test out embedded codes without paying for lite or hosting plans?

Because I want to see how the widget of Creative Market would look like if I were to add it on my website, before I even begin hosting with Webflow, but I suppose the only way I could actually test out Embedded codes is either through
A) Paying for Lite Plan
B) Pay for Hosting Subscription

How come there isn’t a third option for free plans where you can test out the embedded widget codes, but you won’t be able to publish it till you get a subscription plan going? :thinking:

I’m afraid no. I know that’s not ideal but if you want to see how it looks or if it works, if you give me your code I can try it for you and show you.

Was able to test it out on another platform, but thank you for the help though @vincent really appreciate it :slight_smile: !


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