Embed Webflow body HTML in a self-hosted page

Is there a way to programmatically retrieve the HTML content rendered by Webflow?

I’m evaluating Webflow for creating no-code landing pages (seems like a great tool!), but I’m also hoping to embed content authored in Webflow directly into another website. There’s some Javascript on our main site that needs to interact with the Webflow content, so an iframe isn’t ideal.

Worst case I can get the page from Webflow and parse out what I’m looking for, but I’d love to avoid that if possible…

@Chris_Coffey -
While it is possible to use JS to pull content via a fetch or Ajax from another site that would only work if you could set the CORS header which Webflow gives no access to. So that is a no go unless everything is on the same domain.

I looked and experimented extensively with Webflow for PPC / landing page use and in the end abandoned it in favor of sites hosted on webservers where I can run any dynamic language I prefer.

Adding to @webdev 's notes, some of my tests show that the CORS and IFRAME restrictions Webflow imposes are mostly focused on three types of sites;

  • Anything, staged on webflow.io, i.e. not paying for hosting
  • Any site that uses Memberships
  • Any site that uses ECommerce

Those are CORS and IFRAME restrictive, for security and business reasons.
As far as I’m aware, you can still IFRAME or use AJAX to access HTML on a Webflow-hosted site as long as it’s a standard hosted site, which has not enabled Memberships or ECommerce.

But I’d agree with Jeff also that’s probably not the ideal strategy.
If you like Webflow’s pixel-perfect designer approach, exporting the code might not be fun but it will give you the most versatility for integration.