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Webflow Export to iFrame Option?

Hi all! Sorry if this was already posted & answered somewhere, but i’m investigating options for my company to use a visual design canvas to build webpages, then to embed those webpages into my company CMS for publishing.

My question is: after authoring an experience in Webflow, is there an option to export to an iFrame so i can take that embed code and insert into a 3rd party CMS?

I understand there’s an option to export the html / css / javascript code, but is there an easy way to generate an iframe link from Webflow to paste into a CMS?

unfortunately, looks like webflow has a CORS policy set up so you can only access sites via iframes from the following domains: https://* http://* http://*

so, to take a webflow site you created and use it in an iframe, you’d have to host it yourself first, then create an iframe from there. there are plenty of low-cost hosting options outside of webflow if you don’t need CMS or forms support – let me know if you need help finding something! :slight_smile:

EDIT: i did just find the “Secure Frame Headers” option in the hosting settings, but apparently this doesn’t work if you’re still hosting your site on the domain. if you are paying for webflow’s hosting you should be able to disable this option and simply create an iframe like this:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

This is super helpful, thank you @adboio!