Embed css code - display as text in website

Hi guys I’m about to finish my first client site in webflow, but I have 2 problems:

  1. When I’m in a specific page (birthday party) the nav’s drop-down doesn’t work and the form doesn’t show in the website
  2. On the website I see a css code display as text above the header, I can’t find this element,
    I have only one embed css that I cloned - I used it for the testimonials animation but it doesn’t seems to be the reason .
    Please help me!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]


hi @Adam_Nizri first fix your code you see on top. It is JS loaded in your body and is showing because isn’t wrapped in <script></script> tag . I really do not know why you can’t find code you have wrote and placed somewhere, but because it appear on each page my tip will be to look in site setting into custom code tab.

Once you fix this issue you can continue on your form as at this time its rendered width is 100px yo can check you website with Dev Tools

God bless you, it was in settings / custom code

Now I have left only the problems with the form and also the nav that doesn’t work if I’m in birthday party page…

hi @Adam_Nizri another fix is to close your style tag like this </style>

fixed it! thank you Stan!
can you help me understand the problems with the form that won’t display and the nav that doesn’t work if I’m on the birthday party page?

Hi @Adam_Nizri it will be hard and time consuming to debug without full access to see where can be the problem, fix it and save changes. There can be some chain and without fixing and saving one problem I would not be able to find another one.

There is for example another issue on main page (home) where dropdown menu is hidden behind another elements as Hero or slider etc. so fix these first and make sure that everything else is correctly set.

Try your best to double check everything and if you would not succeed to find another problem I may look on it later.

P.S. : feel free to use @ symbol before name so people can see notification on their profile. Otherwise they have to scroll through requests to see if there is some change/new response.

If this will read any Webflow staff or person who is managing this forum please fix notification as blue number in blue background is IMO not the best UX (is there for a few weeks)

CleanShot 2021-07-19 at 11.10.59

@Stan Hi stan I don’t see what you are describing, The drop down menu and the list are above the hero section

Hi @Adam_Nizri the issue is on live page. On screenshot is menu open and see what happened when scroll down.

hi @Adam_Nizri have you been able to solve this issue or you need further help to solve your design and sctrucure issues?

No, I still didn’t solved it

hi @Adam_Nizri I have now checked your “read-only” link and <style> is still is not fixed yet. If you fixed in other project version please keep “read-only” link updated to latest version with fixed problems to be able debug further. I have now spend 1/2 hour to look on issue again to finally realised I’m looking to initial not fixed project.

CleanShot 2021-07-21 at 17.17.08

It is not possible to try find where is another problem when there is a broken code in first place.

@Stan damn I thought we are talking about Other css embed . I didn’t remember that one…
Now I fixed it. Well im so sorry about the time you spend to help me … how can I thank you? :wink:
Really thanks a lot

hi @Adam_Nizri looks like nav works on “birthday party” as expected and the form is shown on page. If issue is solved and you do not have further question related this issue feel free to close your request. :wink: