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CSS code visible in unplished site but becomes invisible when i publish

Hey there,

I am new to webflow and try to build a website for my photo/video business. Everything went relatively good. I used some CSS code from youtoube-videos to get a outline effect on my Text and a scroll snapping effect. To implement these CSS codes i used the webflow embed. As long as Iam in the editor/designer mode from Webflow everything looks like it should and works like it should but as soon as a publish my site none of the CSS is working. The Texts arent outlined anymore and the scroll snapping isnt working too.

Here ist the Readlink from my website:

and the published link:

I added two screenshots where you can see the Effect when Iam in edit mode and when Iam on the published site.
Can someone help me?
And my Navbar isnt showing on the published page…

Your code is missing a closing style tag.

Add at the end of your custom code.

I used the drag and drop embed from webflow and i have three of them in total. So i have use these closing style tag om every on them?
Sorry if the question is stupid but I am new to this
Is it possible to attach a screenshot how it looks and where to edit?

Ok i got thanks a lot for your quick help. Really thankfull!

But i have another question. Maybe you can help me with this one aswell. I used a scroll snapping but there is a big delay when i start scrolling to where it starts snapping. Is there any trick to make the delay shorter and the snapping starting faster?

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