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Animated slide in underline effect?

I’m looking for help with how to add an underline animation, that slides in from the left for the text in my link block.
As seen here in the first example. I’ve looked through the animations and the only thing I can find is border colour (although that doesn’t work for me) and I can’t seem to be able to figure out custom css.

Any help would be highly appreciated! If any links/screenshots are needed let me know! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Eirenism and welcome here are two examples you can try, the code is inside NAV CUSTOM CODE

Thanks for the reply Stan!
I’m a total css newbie (and pretty new to webflow too) so after copying the code it seems to span across my entire page. It also doesn’t affect the other headings, who use the same tag and are within the same body?

There’s also no button to share my site as a read only page and I’m not sure how to enable that.

Link how to share “Read only” was under your first comment, you have probably deleted as is not there now. So how to informations are on Webflow official site or just type in your browser “webflow read only link”. I presume you know how use browser to search infromations.
Anyway here we go

Sorry I meant I wasn’t able to find the actual share button (beside the publish button) within my project as shown in all the guides I googled but I was able to access it from my dashboard.
This is the link

hi @Eirenism here is solution :wink:

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Thanks so much Stan, that was such a simple fix.

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