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Emails through to domain host

Hi I am new to webflow and quite impressed so far, however I need a little help with adding my domain email address to a webflow form so that it comes through my hosted servers and to my outlook desktop

It has possibly been mentioned before but couldn’t locate an answer through the forum topics

Thanks for any help

Here is my public share link: LINK
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If you go here and scroll down to Form Data about 2/3 of the way down the page, you’ll find the info you need. It’s in the site’s dashboard, not in the editor. Good Luck.

Many thanks for that - issue I have is that I dont want weblow to handle the processing; as my sites (which I will be updating with webflow) have lots of emails between them over 100 per day with bookings, quotes and general questions etc

Does your solution do this, I downloaded the code and added in the form the “action” but still didnt work
Thanks for your help

You would need to use a PHP script or some alternative form handling service to do this. I’d recommend embedding a 3rd party form that offers an embed option. then just copy paste into a html embed element.

cheers buddy - just so I know :smile:

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