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Email hosting and forms


I have bought DNS and email hosting from a certain Web hosting company. I have one form in my website and I’d like the messages go straight to a email address hosted by that very company.

Now I imagined it’d be very simple but, at least to my brains, it’s quite the contrary. I’m pretty confused with the Webflow forms tab in the project settings.

How do I manage to do this?

Step one. Test that you can receive mail to the account from another email account.

If you got the email, you can update your form settings. If not, and the domain settings are new (24 hours), then wait till 24 hours has elapsed.

If GT > 24 hours, get support from you hosting provider. Mail needs to be confirmed as working before notifications are possible with webflow.

I don’t understand these form submissions. I don’t need a notification of an form submission. What I need is that the same message a client has written through the form in the website comes to my email address and I can answer to the customer straight from my email application. Like a normal email. How do I set up this?

A notification is exactly that, an email with the message the client sent you. It’s a bit like 'hey, person X sent ‘their message goes here’ with this extra information
Are you hosting the site through webflow? It should be pretty easy then. Just add the email address you’ve got through the hosting company to the ‘receive notification’ field. You should be able to reply from your email host.

Ah, I didn’t quite understand the Reply To Address -part. There is indeed a guide right next to it saying to write < {{ Email }} > and I did that. But I couldn’t answer back to the sender. Problem was that I had named the forms text field with a different name.

I’ll blame my poor English. :grin: Sometimes these things are extra hard to understand even though they’re actually very simple, heh. Now it’s fixed and everything’s working well. Thanks for your help!

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ah, glad we got it sorted for you!