Email Form Customer confirmation email?

So I’m wondering how I can set up so when someone fills out the form they receive an email to their own inbox saying we received it and will get back to the shorty. How can I achieve this?

One option would be to host it yourself and integrate a third party service.

  1. Export the Webflow theme (you can’t import it back after this, so make sure you are done designing).

  2. Convert it to a Wordpress theme.

  3. Replace the form with a plugin that can perform confirmation emails, like Contact Form 7

  4. Host it yourself.

Try using zapier with your forms

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There are integrations available for Webflow? Is there a list somewhere?

Hi @samliew, at the moment, the only built in integration with Forms to a third party service is Zapier, but I expect that to change :wink:

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