Eliminate render-blocking resources

Hello, like many I have performance issues for my website because of render-blocking resources. You have been referring to the same solution for years, self-hosting. Do you have another solution to propose since?
If the only way out is to host your site yourself, do you have any recommendations or advice that would make this easier?

Let me know if you plan to work on a solution to fix this on Webflow, or if we will have to host our sites elsewhere forever.

Thanks in advance for your answer!

In case you were not aware CSS is always render blocking when served in an external file. The only thing Webflow could do with external CSS, and I wish they would, would be to split out the normalize code, and the base Webflow styles as separate files. Then move your project CSS into a separate one.

The same logic could be used for the project JS file which has Webflow’s core JS and the underscores library or leverage modules.

Will they ever change this? They would need to answer this question and so far have not that I am aware of.