Elements overlapping each other?

First of all, hello to everyone. Been trying out Webflow for the last weeks and I’m very content with this tool. Learning new things every day! However, there’s one problem I’m not able to solve yet… which is that there are elements that overlap each other on all devices smaller than a desktop. Does anyone know why this happens?

Here is my preview link:

Many thanks in advance and I look forward to contributing to the Webflow community.

Hi @marciano
Glad you are enjoying using Webflow app so far. :smile:

About your problem, usually, designs adapt nicely to all breakpoints, and you only need to tweak some values for each breakpoint and you’re done. However, since you are using the nasty position: relative you have to rethink and restyle the elements for the other breakpoints (devices) to achieve the look you want.

Hope, this is a makes sense.

Good luck!

And don’t forget to post your website in show and tell once you’re done :wink:

Best of luck!
Anna K

Note: Always design responsively before starting to style elements. This helps you decide what approach to take and what styles to use.

Thank you so much, Anna! I’ve been able to get it the way I wanted :slight_smile:

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