Pictures and text overlapping


I’m creating my first webflow site and need help with items overlapping and crashing into each other on the mobile landscape view.

Ideally it should look something like this (600px):

But, I don’t know how to prevent the awkward spacing and crashing created in the other width views for mobile landscape:




I’m really stuck and appreciate any tips and advice.

Here is my public share link: []

Cool overlapping.

You can just adjust the position for each device, like this:

Thank you so much Vincent, Sorry if I’ve misunderstood your response but, the issue is in the mobile landscape view only. Everything is fine when viewing at 600px wide but, the issue is on the other screen widths within mobile landscape. I hope that makes sense. I created a video to try and show this but I couldn’t upload it sorry, here’s a pic.

Try t give the image a fixed size for this device

It then shoudl behave allright for most of the devices.

Don’t stay too stuck too long on this breakpoint, it’s the less used in the mobile world, by large.

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Thank you Vincent, I really appreciate your time and advice on this

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