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Elements Messed up when page loads

Hello Guys, a got a problem at my website. When page load it shows everything messed up, then it load the interactions a made. I don’t know when exactly it started to happen.

Here is my site Read-Only:

@Julia_Nascimento when i try your read only link it works fine???

Do you have a publish link that i can try in different prowser?

@Julia_Nascimento When i look at your animations they look broken. No valid object

@Julia_Nascimento now when i took a look at your published site i did se the problem for less the 1 second. However it looks laike tha same problem i have in my sites…

It seems to be a bug that i have reported. I asume without looking to your code that you are using animations for all images and you are using initinal state, The bug is that initial state is not hiding the images on page load. If that is the case you can solve the problem by setting the objects as hidden in your project before any animation accours.

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