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Elements in Navigation bar disappearing on tablet views until screen size is slightly adjusted

Hey community,

I’ve actually got two problems that I believe are bugs (or at least I can’t explain why they’re happening).

  1. On tablet screen sizes or below, all elements in this navbar disappear and the whole navbar becomes blank, but if I slightly adjust the screen size, the elements would become visible again. I could then change the screen back the size it was previously, and all the elements would remain visible. But if I reload the page at any screen size from tablet below, then the navbar will become blank again until I nudge the screen-size. This problem doesn’t happen all the time.

  2. I have an animation that triggers the navbar to appear on scroll up, and disappear on scroll down. That animation works fine. However, when I reload the page, scrolling down a tiny bit triggers the navbar to appear and disappear quickly. This only happens upon reloading the page
    I’ve tried recreating this animation in two different projects, both with the same results.

Here are videos of the two problems:

  1. (disappearing navbar elements)

  2. (scrolling up and down)

Although I encountered both issues initially on the one site, I tried to replicate problem number 2 on another site, so I’ve got two sharelinks: (Look on the page called “Equipment” for the navbar with the disappearing elements - it’s a fixed one that appears when you scroll up and down the page) (look for the page called Sticky NavBar)

Thanks all

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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