Element is hidden with display: none


I’m fairly new to Webflow and I’m loving it so far. Apologies if this all seems noobish

Recently, I cloned a website from webflow because I loved the design however, there are a couple of parts that I cannot edit because it keeps saying “element is hidden with display: none”.

For reference I’m using the starter or free plan…is this something that I’ll have access to change if I upgrade my subscription or no?

No, but we cannot see your site without sharing your designer readonly link.
The instructions were at the bottom of the post when you first created it- you can see it on other posts as well.


When you go to click “watch episodes” “learn more” or “buy merch” nothing pops up

Hi Arthema,

You have a link button there, which isn’t linked to anything yet.
There’s a lot for you to learn here, check out the Webflow University, it has a great progression of courses that will help you learn the platform and build what you want.