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Element is falling outside the width of my site and causing unwanted spacing on mobile devices

I am not sure what I have done wrong but when I go to my homepage on my phone the site only spans less than 50% width of the browser. It looks fine in the designer when I look at the mobile tab. Any thoughts?

Here is a screenshot of what I see on my phone:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @dapitts08, from what it looks like, your button is falling outside the width of your page. Form buttons do not suport line breaks so there isn’t a way to have a long sentence in your button for mobile.

However, you may be able add a second form button (one used for desktop and the other used for mobile) Try replacing the button with your mobile one using visibility settings.

oops sorry i wasn’t clear…i hadn’t styled the portrait version of the site yet since i noticed the landscape version wasn’t showing up accurately. so right now the only version that is styled correctly is the landscape version where the button is constrained properly and the site is still not taking up the full width of the screen on my phone. thoughts?

edit: i also stopped styling the landscape version after that form area after i checked to see how it was rendering…so i am now wondering if the issue is the animated section on the bottom? if you could look at the non-mobile version of the site…and let me know if that is probably where i need to look to fix the issue that would be great. i have some items that start offscreen and now that you mentioned the button i am wondering if that is what is breaking the whole site on mobile. also is there a reason why the site looks fine in the designer but not on the actual live site? i assume it may have something to do with animations? thanks!

@thewonglv can you help me out here? i don’t believe it is the button since it happens on landscape even when the button is sized properly. thoughts?

nevermind…it is that section causing the issue…i tested by using display none and the landscape version renders perfectly. i can figure out my solution from here. thanks.

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