Editors publish new items in CMS, but they don't appear on published site

Hi, Im getting a lot of complains from the content team, who uploads items to CMS on our website. They say the items are published, but they don’t appear on the website. When I search for the items from my end, there is no record of such a content, yet they send me a screenshot from their Editor, where you can see the content has been published. Can anyone help?

Can this be caused by the localisation we purchased recently? We only bought the upgrade but we didn’t enable it yet.

Another example from today. Screenshot number 1 from the content team.

Screenshot 2- what I see in editor.

Hi Eva

Here at the Famly team we have seen the same issue since we bought the Localization package and we don’t have it fully enabled yet either. (we are working BTS on doing the setup, super complicated when you don’t have the same URL setup for each locale…).

We haven’t found any good solution to this issue yet, other than publishing the full site in order to get everything published and have the Editor show the correct info again. Not the optimal solution…

Let me know if you have found a better solution to this since you posted this?