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Editor crashes and redirects to "The Editor is unresponsive" page when logging in


Since about 2 hours ago, I suddenly was unable to open the editor without it crashing and redirecting to this page:


I am seeing across Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, incognito and regular windows, admin and collaborator accounts, after clearing all cookies, and after checking that cookie settings are fully permissive to all sites.

I am also occasionally seeing errors similar to this in Safari:

I’m trying to handoff a site to a client, but right now they can’t edit. Can you please suggest a fix or escalate this to the dev team? It seems like a pretty deep bug.

I’ve attached screenshots of the logs in my console at the bottom of this message in all three browsers (the messages displayed differ slightly)

Repro steps:

  1. Login to Editor as admin or collaborator

  2. See Toolbar dissapear on load and redirect occur



Read only link to my site is here:

Safari Console:

Chrome Console:

Firefox Console:!

I’ve also tried copying this project, and the editor no longer crashes.

However, I’ve paid for a CMS plan on the original project. To use the copied project (with the somehow stable editor) I would need to cancel the plan on the first project, and begin a plan on the second project.

But I’m worried the bug would randomly come along to crash the editor in the second project.

Any direction or path to a fix on this?

Hi @Liam_Duffy, thanks for the post. it may have been that the original site needed to be republished once from the Designer, there have been some recent updates made where doing that helped to resolve the issue.

If the issue should happen again on the same project let me know. If it should happen on another project, republish the site once from the Designer or the Dashboard.

I hope that helps.

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