New(ish) to Webflow. Videos not displaying on live site from CMS

Hi all!

Probably a simple question, but getting up to speed with WF. I post articles etc from CMS, usually publish on an article by article basis (top right corner next to ‘draft’, ‘save’, ‘unpublish’). Been doing so fine the last week or so, but now the option to publish is greyed out. All I can do is ‘save draft’ or ‘stage for publish’.

Spoke with my manager who suggested ticking the option of ‘publish to selected domains’ on the main page, but I’m keen not to publish everything else in one go. Is this just a simple permissions issue he might have accidently created? Was working fine up until today.

Again, sorry for the rookie question, but thanks for the help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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